Fun on one String

Children and adults - many people have great respect for bowed instruments such as the violin because of their complexity. Fidelino reduces any barrier and brings fun into playing; One string, a CJKpickup and an accurate violin geometry, the top quality electric Fidelino is hand made in the workshop by violin maker Cölestin J. Kober.
Perform, use effects, compose, try new techniques, take it along your trek,...








Learn how to play the Fidelino.

play your Fidelino

Have fun and dig in, with at least two oktaves, harmonics, bow techniques, finger positions, rhythmus, add effects, loops, much more and simultaneously improve your violin skills with the one string Fidelino.

Assemble your Fidelino

The Fidelino is very easy to assemble and and always ready to play on the spot. With the small size 1/16 bow and demountable neck, Fidelino fits in a bag and is ideal for travelling. The handling and usage is similar to an electric violin.